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Artist's Statement

My art reflects my love of the natural world all around us and the unique way that I see it. The colours, light, and textures of nature generally and gardening, in particular, catch my eye and I find myself compelled to put what I see onto canvas. I find that flowers almost always capture my attention and I want to share with people their colours, shading and vibrancy. I want to capture this vital nature of flowers to show people - sometimes to help them see qualities and moments they might have missed, and sometimes to highlight what we might see and enjoy together.

Much of my inspiration comes from my own gardens and those of friends and neighbours. As a gardener, I am often in close contact with flowers and perhaps have opportunities to view them in ways that others do not. When traveling, I always have my camera ready as my 'sketchbook' to capture more exotic images for future paintings.

As I paint, I am acutely aware of the play of natural light on flowers. I am aware that the light is an ever- changing quality and elusive to the artist's brush, but I like the feeling of tension between the instant and changing quality of light with the more permanent quality of a painting. I try to capture the beauty of this as a moment in time and try to bring it to the attention of those who may not have noticed it in their busy lives.  In this way, perhaps, my painting gives viewers back that moment.                                                                                                

I enjoy painting flowers close up where detail, colour and vividness are at their best.  I try to capture realism but still keep a degree of painterly feeling to my paintings. I often see colours that others don't see and work that into my paintings, giving my flowers a liveliness that rivals realism. Just as I focus on light in ways that are new to people, so too, I offer viewers a new way to see the colour in the natural world around them.

Through my art and across time, I am inviting viewers into a conversation about the essence of a flower. I paint what I notice - up close, in a certain light, and with a new sense of colour. Up close means that the viewer is drawn very close to the flower and then the play of light and the colours ask for a response.  I hope by seeing my paintings, people will be drawn back again to see flowers differently with a new appreciation of the beauty they add to all our lives.                                                          

My work can be viewed on my webpage at:  www.dianehuson.ca.
 On Face Book : Diane  Huson   Instagram : Dianeehuson  LinkedIn: Diane Huson
 I am currently represented by Westmount Gallery, 35 Chauncey Ave., Toronto, Ontario.

My work can be viewed on my webpage at:  www.dianehuson.ca.

 On Face Book : Diane  Huson   Instagram : Dianeehuson  LinkedIn: Diane Huson
 I am currently represented by Westmount Gallery, 35 Chauncey Ave., Toronto, Ontario.

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Art Portfolio 


Raindrops on Roses

The Angels are Watching

Lady in Red


Diane's Biography/CV


Diane Huson was born in British Columbia, Canada and completed her Fine Arts Diploma from Malaspina College on Vancouver Island. Originally an oil painter, she expanded her expertise into watercolour after moving to Toronto in the mid 1980’s. People and animals were her favorite subjects. Her work as a florist and her love of gardening encouraged her to paint florals and nature.

In 2007, Diane decided to paint in oil again. Studies of dramatic shadows and lighting on large canvas are her key focus. Winning the People’s Choice Award for her oil painting “Bronzed Dahlia” in the Oshawa Art Association’s Juried art Show in 2011 , Second best in oils for her portrait “McKayla” in 2012 , People's Choice Award for "McKayla: Memories of Summer" in 2015 , The Mayor's Choice Award for "Abigail" in 2016 and an Award of Excellence for ‘Standing Proud ‘ at the PRAC juried art show in 2017  were definite highlights.

Throughout her career, Diane has been commissioned to paint portraits, animals, landscapes, architectural buildings, florals and book illustrations. Her work has been displayed on numerous book covers with a distribution of over 200,000.  Her prints and paintings hang in numerous private and corporate collections worldwide.